Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Landon 3 months

Since he's 4 months today I might as well start with his 3 month photo shoot! This kid has the best facial expressions and seriously is the happiest kid on the block. 

These first ones were posted on Facebook:

These are all new :)

  And I couldn't decide if I liked this in BW or Color better :) Who am I kidding? I love them both!

It's Been A While

Hey there strangers :)

Things have been pretty chaotic over here. Let's just say that getting passed the newborn baby stage was easy compared to how it is now. I'm coping. But it's day by day which means that some things just fall to the way side--ie this blog. I keep forgetting that there are people that read this that aren't on Facebook so if you're on there then the next several posts are going to be pretty redundant.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Blessing Day

After the ranch we got to spend a couple days in Provo and it was so awesome that Dad and Paige could come out too. We got to bless Landon right before our niece Lilly got baptized. There were so many people there and we were so happy to have everyone join us for the occasion. Now I will point out that Addison was really sick as in, had been throwing up the whole day sick...hence the look of death in her eyes :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

South Ranch and Rodeo

One of the activities that we got to do was at a different location called South Ranch. They had bull whips you could learn how to use, crafts, tomahawk throwing, we had our shot guns, fishing and playing in a river. 

No one was really interested in playing with Weston, and really all he wanted to do was sit with this horse that came over and let Weston do whatever he wanted for over 30 minutes. My sweet little boy. He's doing so much better at trying to interact with other kids. I really hope that Preschool will help his confidence in this area. (Especially since his speech is getting better.)

They got to make dream catchers...ie I got to make dream catchers for half the kids.

Thursday morning was the rodeo this was fun for everyone, there was barrel racing, pole bending, relay, donkey racing, calf riding, and mutton bustin'.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fun and Games

One of the activities that everyone really liked was archery. Even the little kids were able to get involved!

Weston's favorite place to take a nap :)

Doug riding...

And then all the lawn games...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I have so many pictures to share with you guys...I have so many pictures to edit...and so little time to do any of it! But here we go with the first round!

These were from our first afternoon at the ranch. The kids got to do horseback riding all by themselves!

Weston loved watching all the animals!

Then they had buckin' barrels and everyone got into it :)

Then they took a trip on the canoe...

and the 4 wheeler...

And then it was time to help feed the animals :)

It was a fun first day...if only the ranch would have turned their AC on and we weren't on the 3rd floor!