Thursday, April 10, 2014

Talk talk

So I don't think I've mentioned on here that I've been concerned about Weston's communication skills before, but ever since we he hit around 2, I had noticed that he wasn't sticking 2 or more words together and that he didn't have as many words that he pronounced well as I would have expected. It also has been causing some anger issues when he's in large groups of kids and has been hard because he really is the most chill, sweetest kid ever. 

So at the end of February/beginning of March I was talking to a friend who mentioned that the school district out here has a program called Child Find which offers free speech evaluation for the kids in the district (even under school age). So I called and got an appointment--which we finally had yesterday.

We went into their office and started out with a hearing and visual evaluation to make sure they didn't play into his speech. Then we went into this massive play room and there was our service coordinator and two speech pathologists in the room as they did the evaluation. On order to qualify for help the child's speech has to be at least 25% below the normal level. The evaluation pretty much involved them taking turns "playing" with Weston while the other asked me questions. They seemed to be really impressed with his physical and cognitive skills as well as with his focus and participation. They did different activities and "games" for about 30-40 minutes and couldn't stop gushing about how adorable and sweet he was. (I know!)

Anyway at the end of their evaluation they let me know that he definitely qualifies and is about at the 30% below normal level so starting in a couple weeks we'll have a speech therapist who will come to our house every week to work with him...and the best part is that it doesn't cost us anything. Sure I'm sad that this is a trial that we have to go through--especially with the new baby on his way, but I'm so thankful for the promptings that I received to get this checked out. I was so worried and had so many people tell me not to worry because boys talk later and that he'd just catch up, but to have the speech pathologist tell me thank you and that I did the right thing made me feel so happy. Phew! It's hard to be a mom :) 

So I'll try and keep you all updated on how it goes, but we're looking forward to helping Weston develop into the amazing big boy that he already is trying to be!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Playing with Grammy

While I was in Las Vegas for the WPPI conference my mom was super awesome and came to help out with the kids. This was my first trip away from my kids since Addison was 3 months old and I went to Chicago with my mom for 36 hours. It was so nice! But more about my trip later. Here are the pictures my mom sent me. They definitely had a great time :) we can't wait for her to come back in May!

Reward Charts

In our attempt to get Addison to try harder at certain things we have instituted a sticker rewards chart and have made our way through 3 charts. Each time she chooses a beanie baby as her reward...she's so predictable :) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Since Addison got to do an Elsa photo shoot, which I still have pictures left to edit from that, I thought that I had to have a photo shoot of Weston as Woody. And these few images just make me tear up every time I look at them--I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby Update

So here we are 7 weeks left in this pregnancy. And I'm sure the last 7 weeks are just going to be miserable (seeing as how the first 33 weeks have been miserable, I would expect nothing less from one of my pregnancies.) Don't let my facial expression fool you in the picture below!

On top of the normal stresses of pregnancy the fact that Doug and I were completely incapable of picking a name for this baby drove me INSANE. I'm not one of those people that can wait and people kept saying, well you could just see what he looks like when he's born, but the problem with that is to me--babies all look the same when their born. Even my own kids just looked like babies :) So we've been going back and forth since we found out.

When we were down in Las Vegas I took this picture with my sister in law, Debbie, and asked people's advice, we thought we had it narrowed down to Archer and Emmett. But Doug was just unable to commit to either of the names.

So finally we set ourselves a deadline. We knew a couple people getting their gender ultrasound in April and we wanted to make sure we had our name in place before they found out and somehow picked the one name we might have agreed on. We finally came up with--

Phew! So baby number 3 is going to be Landon Douglas. And not just "the baby" anymore :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Birthday!

The Sunday night before Addison's actual birthday we had her cousins come down for dinner and cheesecake (with no strawberries per Addison's request). We had a really fun time and she got to open a bunch of presents :)

Then Monday morning we did the presents from us and Weston. We got them turtles :) Rock and Shelly, Shelly is Addison's and Rock is Weston's. They named them all by themselves :)

And then Weston got Addison a new dolphin beanie baby that he picked out by himself too. She was just as excited by this as she was by the turtles...oh well :)

And then she was excited to get to see her name on the local PBS station :)

On her birthday she was assigned to snack too so we took in cake pops and she got to wear a crown for the day, green of course! Then with her party that following Saturday it was truly a week of birthday celebration :)

Ocean birthday party

(So I thought this had posted from my phone like a week ago and it didn't so I'm sorry it took so long for me to get it up. I'm also going to try and get her normal birthday pics up today.)

For Addison's birthday party we went with a more gender neutral theme and since she loves turtles we went ocean themed. It was great. She had 8 friends come and it was wild and crazy :) they made little turtles out of paper plates and then we had tons of food and games. We did a sea turtle egg hunt, pin the tail on the whale and music freeze. Then cake and presents. For the decorations we used blue plastic table clothes cut like streamers and then all of her beanie babies that were ocean theme. Very cute and very easy!

Ocean Water blue Lemonade:

Shark's Teeth (Monterey Jack cheese):

Sea shells (mini cheese rolls):

Guppies. (Goldfish):

Turtle food (fruit):


After :

Addison's turtle : 

Pin the Tail on the Whale:

Party Favors:


It was an awesome day. The kids seemed to really have a fun time and that's all that matters, right :)